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We introduce technologies and tools that help reduce electricity prices in NPS
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,,We live in the age of omnipresent energy transition in Poland. Whether we want this or not, this process is inevitable.„

The idea concerning establishment of the company emerged in 2017 and was created by a group of persons completely devoted to power energy. Aligo investment fund was chosen as a strategic partner. Operations of the company are the response to many challenges put before the national power system.  Energy storages provide for a real chance to correlate the increase of RES share with simultaneous further production of energy from fossil fuels. The result is significant reduction of the chance of Black-out phenomenon occurrence in the country and abroad.



Increase of energy security of Poland using the grids of distributed energy storage systems.



In the age of the energy transition, implementation of the national energy management system based on reliable and innovative network of energy storages, being an antidote to the synergy of conventional sources and RES providing stability of the NPS.


Our offer is directed to:
– Electrical energy sales companies
– Distribution companies
– Energy consuming companies
– Territorial self-governments

The implemented investment projects allow for actual reduction of electrical energy prices, participation in reduction on non-scheduled flows, share in modernization of transfer capacities, improvement of reliability of supplies, implementation of additional regulation options concerning maintenance and recovery of voltage within the NPS, limitation of system failures effects, introduction of new tools adapted to the new form of local markets and balancing areas, share in the NPS restitution operations.

Energy storage

  • Technologies enabling storage of electrical energy provide for better utilization of the existing potential of conventional power plants and RES. Coordinated management of storage resources affects improvement of the national power system operation. Increased generation from distributed power industry and lack of predictability of its development direction may also cause a necessity to introduce the tools allowing for reduction of impact of this kind of sources on the national power system. Introduction of a technology enabling storage of electrical energy or its conversion to chemical one will contribute to effective utilization of the national power system. Effective means secure. „Laws of electrotechnology and physics are superior in relation to economy rights” – prof. Zbigniew Szczerba.
  • As an aware participant of the power system, our operations will also strive to achieve goals related to safe operation of the national power system (NPS) and to introduce new opportunities supporting security of electrical energy supplies. The proposed solution are in correspondence with the European national power market as well as the balancing market.



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